CIA 10 DVD Set

Nearly 16 hours of presentations given by Brian Young on 10 DVDs. Retails for $200 but you save $100 by buying the set. Most of these are older recordings so Brian looks a bit younger but information is still good.
Topics include: 

  1.  Answers to Commonly Asked Questions 
  2.  The Dating Methods 
  3.  Scientific Evidences of a Young Earth 
  4.  The Tabernacle 
  5.  The Godly Family 
  6.  The Stars: God's Word in the Sky 
  7.  Archaelogical Evidences of the Exodus 
  8.  New Creations in Christ 
  9.  The Shining Face of Moses 
  10.  Old Earth Laodicean Compromise 
  11.  The Biblical Festivals 
  12.  Are You in a Bethel Church? 
  13.  The Pre-Flood World
  14. Why Creation Is Important.
  15. Creation Philosophy in Evangelism