HUGE SALE 90% OFF: Complete CIA 27 DVD Set

Complete 27 CIA DVD Set

Over 50 hours of presentations given by Brian Young on 31 DVDs (27 cases as some have more than one DVD per case). Retails for $540 but you save $485 in this special deal for this month only. BEST TO ORDER BY CALLING 402-519-0301  Topics Include: 1) Frequently Asked Questions 2) Why Creation is Important 3) Creation Philosophy in Evangelism 4) The Dating Methods 5) Scientific Evidences of a Young Earth 6) The Tabernacle 7) The Godly Family 8) The Stars: God's Word in the Sky 9) Pharaohs of the Bible 10) New Creations in Christ 11) The Shining Face of Moses 12)Old Earth Compromise 13) The Biblical Festivals 14) Are You in a Bethel Church? 15)The Pre-Flood World (2 DVD's) 16) Amazing Animals 17) Do Aliens Exist 18) Noah's Ark 19) Archaeology, The Bible and a Young Earth 20) Fox Valley Debate 21) An Unholy Spirit in the Church 22) Which Priest are You? 23)Homosexuality Isn't What you Think 24) Islam and Antichrist 25) 2 Minute Bible 26) Bible Contradictions: Really? 27) Biblical Worldview Weapons 28) Textbook Propaganda 29) Life Lessons Learned. 30) Flat Earth: False Education 31) Attack on Christianity 

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