Evangelution - Monkey Business in the Church

CIA's Brian Young shows unique childhood experiences of a troublesome pet monkey, amazing personal stories of witnessing, and other hilarious events that will expose the evolution of evangelism and take the reader into the minds of the lost, allowing the church to see the unattractive Gospel through the eyes of the ungodly. Our journey into the heathen mind will expose the lies of Satan and the "monkey business" that has crept in among the organized church. The Biblical roots of Creation and the Law will remove the roadblocks that keep Christians and churches from being able to clearly and effectively spread the Gospel. This book is guaranteed to help remove the debilitating fear, encourage, motivate and train the reader to evangelize to a lost world the way it used to be done in the days of Christ. If reading this book doesn't light your fire for effective evangelism, your wood must be really wet. 245 pgs softcover