Genesis: Yesterday's Answers to Today's Problems.

Genesis: Yesterday's Answers to Today's Questions.

Authored by Brian Young: Gives insight into the deeper truths of Scripture showing how Genesis is foundational for many issues we deal with today. It not only provides understanding of the historical accounts of Genesis and its tie into the rest of Scripture, but it also answers many questions about life's prupose and goal. Most importantly, it will direct you to the source of pure joy, an element often missing in the lives of many who are trying to find happiness in a world filled with materialism and quick fixes. Discusses questions as, "Is God going to Judge the U.S.," "Where did Cain get his wife?" "How does Jesus fit into the Old Testament?" "Is abortion justifiable?" "Where did homosexuality come from?" "What is our parental responsibility in raising children?" "How do the 10 commandments apply to our lives today?" "Why were we commanded not to eat blood in the New Testament?" Soft Cover 241 pgs. H.S. to Adult ages.