Pharaohs of the Bible DVD

Pharaohs of the Bible corrected timeline of history and archaeology

By Brian Young Approx 90 minutes: TIME magazine said there was no evidence of Israel ever being in Egypt and that Moses may never have existed. Is this true or are there circumstances that change this understanding? This DVD will show historically that not only was Israel in Egypt, but there is bountiful evidence of the exodus events as well. See which pharaoh joseph was under, who was it buried in the red sea? Who killed Josiah? This and many more biblical connections will be made when the secular timeline is corrected. Furthermore, many do not realize that archaeological dates are based off of the timeline of the Pharaohs as well. If the secular timeline is off, that means archaeological dates are off as well. Find out how with a few basic understandings, the bible, the pharaohs, and archaeology all line up.