Jesus, Biblical Festivals and the Modern Church

Jesus, Biblical Festivals and the Modern Church by Brian Young


By Brian Young, approx 7 hr 45 min. This 4 DVD series is packed with information showing how Jesus has and will fulfill prophecy through His appointed times. Warning: this will challenge your traditional thought and may reveal Biblical truths that don’t mesh with “church” practices.

Disc 1: The Feast of Tabernacles pointing to Messiah’s return in a two part series. 

Disc 2: First see how Yeshuah Jesus fulfilled Passover in amazing ways. Second, you will see Brian lead a Seder meal.

Disc 3: Purim shows us God’s plan for the Jew and Hannukah reveals that much of what the church is doing isn’t actually Biblical. You will also see a foreshadowing of end times.

Disc 4:  an all in one quick guide to show the purpose of God’s appointed times.