Homosexuality Isn't What you Think // Which Priest are You?

Homosexuality Isn't What You Think  Zadok Abiathar Priest

By Brian Young Approx 120 minutes Minutes. 2 Presentations on a single DVD.

HOMOSEXUALITY ISN'T WHAT YOU THINK: *What is the real homosexual agenda?

*How does creation affect same sex marriage?

*Are homosexuals born this way?

*What does the Bible say about this topic?

*How is the church to respond?

*Does the theory of evolution play a role?

*Does government play a role?

*Are Christians to be intolerant and  homophobic?

These answers and many more will be given on this DVD.

WHICH PRIEST ARE YOU? During the time of David there were two high priests, Zadok and Abiathar. One remained loyal and the other compromised to chase after the culture of that day.  Today, many Christians are allowing the culture to dictate their truth while few choose to remain faithful to the Word of God. While many in the church are accepting homosexuality, evolution, divorce and many other sinful behaviours, this DVD will challenge you to look at your beliefs and, “Which Priest are You?”