Frequently Asked Questions DVD

FAQ Brian Young Creation Instruction Association


This DVD by Brian Young is 2 hours and 40 minutes long. It will answer questions like the following:

* Can we clone a dinosaur? 

* How did the spider have a web before the Fall?

* Did Darwin recant?

* Has synthetic life been created?

* Why do white people flourish in the North?

* Is Psychology Biblical?

* How do living fossils mess up evolution?

* How does bacterial resistance and speciation support creation?


*Why are people homosexuals?

*Why does the Bible record so many names?

*Why did the water stop for Israel when Miriam died?

*Why was there healing in Jesus’ garment?


These Questions and many more will be answered as we explore a variety of questions supporting the truth of Scripture.  All Creation Instruction DVD's have a free downloadable "fill in the blank" workbook on our website for use in Bible study or homeschooling.