Amazing Animals

Amazing Animals by Brian Young



By Brian Young. Approx 124 min. This is the updated version of the older DVD. While this one has a more complet Amazing Animals, the presentation on Aliens is not on this one. Many do not realize that hundreds of our technological advances have actually come from copying God’s design in nature, yet we aren’t giving Him credit for them. Nature laughs at evolution and shows it is impossible as we look at God’s design in the bombardier beetle, giraffe, box fish, bee, spiders, whales, penguins, lizards, ants, woodpecker, hummingbirds & many more. All Creation Instruction DVD's have a free downloadable "fill in the blank" workbook on our website for use in Bible study or homeschooling.

*Which car was inspired by a fish? 

*Can Darwinian evolution explain the design in animals?

*How do animals reveal evolution as a fraud?

*Is man just a glorified animal?

*How could God speak things into existence?